The Palazzo Corsini collection arises from the rich tradition of the early Centuries. Each jewelry is painstakingly crafted to perfection using traditional techniques. Through the stages of master and mould making, casting and polishing, personalised care is taken to ensure that stringent quality standards are met.

Each piece is plated with 18 carat gold, silver or rhodium before setting the Austrian lead crystal stones one by one on the polished surface. A team of European and Asian designers come together twice a year to create an extensive range of timeless fashion jewelry tailored exclusively to the Travel Retail.

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JC 102

JC 933 A
JC 933 B
Pierced Earring Set
Charming Heart
Pierced Earring Set
JC 991 Airline Set
A, B, C, D

JS 020

Belt Bracelet
JC 130
Pearl Sentiment
JC 030
Pearl Drop
WA 2628 3-In-1
Watch Set
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