Inflight Trade Services was established in mid 1991. Its principal business is to create and supply products to the Duty Free (Airlines and Duty Free Shops). These products range from licensed toys to fashion jewelry to Compact Discs to products specially created in individual airline livery and colours.

In addition, the Company also serves as a consultant to airlines for their inflight sales, from sourcing of appropriate products to the designing of their Inflight Sales brochure. The Company has been a consultant to SILKAIR for this purpose since 1991.

More recently, the Company has also expanded to include the creation and supply of giveaways for airlines. In this respect, the Company was awarded the prestigious contract by Singapore Airlines for the design and supply of an exclusive range of children giveaways using the PEANUTS characters. Other than the present PEANUTS license, the Company also held licenses from the Walt Disney Company in 1992 and Warner Bros. in 1997.

Last but not least, the Company particpates in the major Tax-Free Exhibitions in Singapore/Hong Kong, China, Orlando, USA and Cannes, France. During these exhibitions, new products are introduced to the major buyers of the Duty Free industry who are sourcing for their new programs.


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